About Us

The Football Business Academy is a dynamic 21st Century institution, that is dedicated to the football field. It is an institution of higher learning dedicated to the principle that “students must develop their game through education and training”. It is the FBA’s contention that an institution focused on football education and building close business and industry partnerships will be more than an academic institution: it will be a powerful economic engine.


The core focus of the academy is to provide courses and skills development programmes to students who want to pursue successful careers in the football field. Our scope of provision, as accredited skills development provider, includes skills programmes and short accredited courses in the field of football. Our offering focuses on the individual’s development to show greater productivity and higher quality of work-output.


The academy faculty recruitment will focus on members with industry experience. We firmly believe in employing qualified and experienced Education, Training and Development tutors who are equipped to facilitate, assess, moderate, develop learning material, coach, mentor and facilitate skills development processes across industries within our scope of provision. We will show strong leadership and commitment within the sporting system. We aim to provide a network of services and supports for the wider sporting community as well as ensure our core business is achieved. The curriculum will also emphasize business application and leadership to ensure graduates are prepared to meet real-world challenges and help businesses compete in a global innovation market.


With support from state and local government, the amateur and professional football leagues, major commercial sponsors, the FBA will ensure that its courses and programs are sustainable for the foreseeable future. We will work to build partnerships with these businesses, and industry leaders will have the opportunity to help shape the skills and knowledge of future innovators and potential employees by participating in advisory board activities, internship programs, product development, job placement programs, employment cooperatives, joint research and joint teaching.