Professional Player to Coach Scheme

The Football Business Academy has initiated a new Professional Player to Coach Program (PPCS) aimed to increase the numbers of players to transition into full-time coaching roles in the professional game. The programme will also help former South African professional players, to get fast-tracked into coaching to prevent them heading out of the game. The FBA is keen to get more former and current players who want to be coaches and managers in national teams and professional leagues.



Professional football must reflect modern South Africa. The FBA is seeking to increase the number of football coaches in the professional game to make sure that South Africa has more qualified coaches. The FBA has launched the Professional Player to Coach Scheme to encourage, build and support the transition of former professional players into football coaching in the professional game.


What is the Professional Player to Coach Scheme?

The Professional Player to Coach Scheme is a positive action initiative informed by number of local professional coaches South Africa, to support the strategic aim of increasing the number of local professional coaching workforce. The Football Business Academy, in partnership with the Football Association of Wales aims to identify a high potential coach to undergo a work experience and development opportunity, so that after the Scheme, they become highly employable within the professional game in the Premier Soccer League, Motsepe Foundation Championship, Hollywoods Bets Super League, ABC Motsepe League and the Sasol league.

The Professional Player to Coach Scheme will provide a 24-month work experience and development programme to candidates who register for the program. Nominated clubs will act as the ‘base’ of the placement programme and the individual will experience a variety of football functions within the Academy and Club in order to broaden their learning experience. The Coach will divide their time between the work placement and their individual development plan on a 50:50 basis which equates to two and a half days a week for each. The placement will include coaching and observation across the Foundation (FP), Youth Development (YDP) and Professional Development Phases (PDP) as well as the First-Team environment, Physical Performance and Conditioning, Recruitment, Analysis, and Administration.

Coaches will also enter the FBA’s Road to Success Programme (RSP). This programme will include elements of virtual and face to face mentoring, workshops, peer learning, projects, study visits and FBA/ FAW qualifications dependent on need. The programme will be a fully integrated opportunity and is designed to accelerate the successful candidates’ coaching knowledge and ability in order to better equip them for future full-time coaching work. The candidate who applies to join the Scheme, will be expected to demonstrate drive and resilience in order to reach a high standard across a range of skills and competencies tailored to the needs of the individual.


Objectives of the Scheme:

• To increase the number of local coaches in South African football
• To help former professional players transitioning into full-time coaching positions.
• To provide them with work placement and training opportunities within local clubs, which include a range of professional roles within both the academy and First Team environment

• To substantially improve employment prospects for coaches who complete the Scheme
• To provide each of the coaches with their own development programme to ensure that they are appropriately trained and supported to become successful coaches and visible role models

Candidate Description


How to Apply

Please email your application and any queries to or call 0680439078

Application should include:

• CV
• A reference(s) from a coach developer(s) and/or coach(es) describing your football coaching potential
• Please explain why you would like to join this initiative and what you want to achieve during the work experience.
• What is it that appeals to you about being a full-time football coach? Please provide evidence to demonstrate your desire to be a full-time coach if you successfully complete this initiative.
• Please explain where you see yourself in five and ten years and why?