Academy Director

The role of the academy director is to provide a framework for the development of young players and to oversee the recruitment and development of players and coaches within their club’s academy. Since it is their job to develop the overall framework and vision for the academy and the coaches working under their supervision, academy […]

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Performance Analyst

Performance analysis can be classified into two main categories: notational analysis and motion analysis. The two systems have different focuses. Notational analysis provides factual record about the position of the ball, the players involved, the action concerned, the time and the outcome of the activity, etc. Motion analysis focuses on raw features of an individual’s

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Video Analyst

Video Analysis is the first and most important step in improving a football team’s performance. The person who does the analysis is called a video analyst. They use tools and work on improving a team’s own game and identify tactics and game plans by watching the oppositions’ games. Using a Video Analysis Software Tools, Video Analysts

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